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Compost & Mulches

Compost                                 $4.10            $55.50
Will not burn plants!  Made from lactating cow manure, this compost is weed-free,
pathogen-free, and wonderfully shrink resistant.  Can be used as a fertilizer, soil
amendment, or lawn dressing.

Turkey Manure                $4.10            $55.50
Extremely high fertility and NPK. Excellent as a soil amendment and for periodic
enrichment of existing beds and gardens.

Composted Rice Hulls    $3.85            $43.50
Composted rice hulls add acidity and improve tilth. A wonderful soil amendment!

Shredded Hardwood        $3.85             $35.00
Excellent oil-free fibrous mulch. Will NOT float away!

Cedar Chips                          $3.85             $27.50
Makes a great mulch and is also a natural insect repellent!

Magic Mulch                          $3.85             $47.85
Compost and Mulch Blend. Perfect for trees, shrubs, and gardens to add fertility
wherever mulch is used!
Sand, Gravel, & Foundation Materials
Add mass, a wide array of trace minerals, and iron. Granite sand, decomposed granite,
and basalt are paramagnetic substances that have the ability to transmit and receive
an extremely low resonant radio frequency that supports plant sap circulation.
                                                   5  gallon
                                      self serve        1 cubic yard
Concrete Sand                     $2.50          $35.20
Masonry Sand                  $2.50          $42.90
Granite Sand                         $2.50          $36.30
Decomposed Granite      $2.50          $37.90
Basalt                                       $11.00       $195.80
Gypsum                                   $4.95         $154.00
Pea Gravel                         $2.50          $35.20
Quarter Minus                    $2.50        $38.50
Fairland Pink Gravel        $3.85          $42.35
available in two sizes
: 1/4 to 1/2 inch and 1/2 to 1 inch
French Drain Gravel          $2.50          $36.30
First Fill                             $2.50          $36.00
50% topsoil, 50% granite sand. Very stable when wet.
Ranch Hand Sand              $2.50          $36.85
Cubic Yard Calculator
Thunderhead Potting Soil     4 gal. bag $8.50     20 gal. bag $29.95
The first potting soil in Texas to be enlivened with granite and
activated with living microbial cultures. Each batch is handmade to
exacting specifications to ensure consistency and quality. This
high-performance potting soil is on the cutting edge of soil technology
Bagged Potting Soil
Available in Original and Cactus & Succulent blends
Our blends are formulated to provide
  • Highest fertility
  • Negligible shrinkage
  • Abundant micro nutrients
  • Years of tilth, friability, and loft

Click on product name                   5 gallon
to see a sample                               self serve bag             1 cubic yard
Thunder Garden         $3.85                $52.25
Very fertile; our highest nutrient profile.  Made from non-shrinking compost,
composted rice hulls, granite sand and gypsum.  Holds moisture, yet drains well.  Will
increase fertility and improve drainage of lawn when mixed with existing soils.
RECOMMENDATION: Flower and vegetable gardens; raised beds; installation and top
dressing of sod turf and grass.

Thunder Dirt                $3.85                $47.85
Formulated for native plants. Made from non-shrinking compost and decomposed
granite. When added to native soils, improves nutrient profile, adds drainage, and
breaks up compacted soils. Unmatched versatility for turf grass subsoil. Excellent for
seeding, native grasses and wildflowers.
RECOMMENDATION: Xeriscaping and native plant landscaping, underlayment for all

Geo Tree Mix               $3.85                $43.50
Low carbon, high density. Made from non-shrinking compost and decomposed granite.
Low carbon virtually prevents anaerobic microbial fermentation. Eliminates the need to
stake and wire trees after planting.
RECOMMENDATION: Tree planting and installations that exceed one foot in depth.

Ranch Rose               $3.85               $53.90
Formulated for maximum loft, even at the bottom of the pot! Made from dairy manure
compost, composted rice hulls, decomposed granite, and gypsum.
RECOMMENDATION: Roses, azaleas, container-grown nursery stock, and planter boxes.

Double Thunder         $3.85               $57.20
The original Thunder Garden soil combined with extra compost. Ultra-rich!
RECOMMENDATION: Fertility enhancement of existing soils.

Turf Topper                 $3.85                $51.15
Excellent for lawns. Carefully selected fine particle materials incorporate well into turf
grasses such as zoysia, Bermuda, and St. Augustine. Very fertile, and will not burn.

Berm Builder Septic Blend            $40.15
Replaces sandy loam  as a septic-field fill. Used and approved in Travis County. Very
stable when wet. Formulated for lasting fertility  for trees, woody shrubs, wildflowers,
and turf grass.

Sunny Field Formula                         $40.15
Formulated for midrange fertility in a weed-free soil. Composted cow manure and
potassium feldspar clay provide richness and water-holding capacity. Does not contain
"flash carbon" from ground wood or cellulose material, which have enormous
shrinkage and leave soil compacted. Used and approved as a septic-field blend in
Travis County.
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