Crow's Nest

Check in at the Crow's 'nest
before you start

Choose the soil you need

Get a 5 gallon bucket for measuring

Bag your own soil

Select from our custom soils blends,
compost or mulches.

6 gallon bags of soil

6 gallon bags of soil
ready to be loaded into your car or truck

Bag Your Own Soil

Choose from one of our soil blends, compost or mulches

It's a simple process to bag your own soil.

  • Bring your own bags, buckets or containers
  • Check in with the staff at the crow's nest before beginning.
  • Pay for your purchase
  • Load up your soil!
  • Spread on your garden and improve the quality of the soil!
  • Watch the results appear in your garden.

Our custom soil blends remain fertile and retain their loft year after year.

They both drain well and have outstanding water holding capacity. You will be pleased and delighted with our soil and soil fertility products.

Use our soil just once and you'll see why 98 percent of our customers keep coming back.

Like the old adage says... Spend a dollar on the dirt and a penny on the plant!

Use our soil calculator to calculate how much soil is needed

Remember Soil is Heavy!

Depending on your car or truck, you might need a
second trip or third trip to purchase all the soil needed

Thunder Dirt Potting Soil

5 gallon bucket

Weight 45 lbs

Thunder Garden Soil

5 gallon bucket

Weight 35 lbs

Double Thunder

5 gallon bucket

Weight 35 lbs

Geo Tree Mix

5 gallon bucket

Weight 51 lbs

Ranch Rose

5 gallon bucket

Weight 39 lbs


5 gallon bucket

Weight 41 lbs

Magic Mulch

5 gallon bucket

Weight 27 lbs

Shredded hardwood

5 gallon bucket

Weight 15 lbs

Turkey Manure

5 gallon bucket

Weight 42 lbs

If you are concerned about the total weight of all the soil you need, consider contacting our dispatcher to schedule a delivery of the soil needed.