Organic Fertilizers Can Benefit Your Soil

Green plants obtain raw materials for their biosynthetic processes in rather simple forms:

  • carbon dioxide,
  • water,
  • nitrate,
  • phosphate,
  • and ionic forms of potassium, calcium, and other essential elements.

Organic fertilizers are designed to provide these missing ingredients in your own garden or lawn.

If you are unsure which product is best suited to improve your lawn or garden soil, please consult with one of our staff in the store.

Soil Activator Products
Medina Fertilizer products

Our store currently carries these fertilizer products.

  • Bioform 4-2-4
  • Neptune's Harvest Humate
  • Neptune's Harvest
  • Alaska Fish Fertilizer 5-1-1
  • Alaska MorBloom 0-10-10
  • Aggrand 4-3-3
  • Aggrand Bonemeal
  • Superthrive
  • Texas Tee Lawn and Garden Fertilizer
  • FertiLome Liquid Iron
  • Nature's Guide Liquid Seaweed
  • Medina Granular 40 lbs and smaller amounts