Our Mission Statement at Geo Growers, Inc.

Our mission is supporting health and well- being for everyone. This includes the non-toxic approach to landscaping and gardening with special emphasis on water conservation.

Our mission is to provide you with seeds, plants, soil, proper fertilizers, non-toxic insect control, and most importantly, information.

Our mission is reflected in the selection of every product we sell and all the information we freely give.

Our mission is food, water, and health security for all, through self-reliance, awareness, education, and human involvement.

Our mission is securing health and well-being for all people and all creatures. A family garden, membership in a community garden or community sponsored agriculture (C.S.A.) are direct approaches. Real security begins with holistic protection of our land and awareness of how food is produced. Inevitably this leads to involvement, whether directly with a garden, or the choices you make at the grocery store.

Thank you for doing business with us.