George Altgelt is interviewed on Central Texas Garden

George Altgelt discussing renovating our soil after the strong heat wave during the summer of 2012

George discusses the beneficial affect of carbon from compost on rejuvenating quality of the soil. It also helps to retain moisture in the soil.

George also discusses the use of molasses as a way to add back micro-bacterial activity in the soil. Another possible way to add nutrients into the soil is through Medina Soil Activator or Compost Tea.

He also discusses which types of fertilizers should be avoided.

George Altgelt discusses ways of working with typical soils in Central Texas Hill country.

George discussed the options for soil for new gardens. The new gardener should consider bringing in new soil that is weed free.

George also discusses reasons why to avoid using Sandy Loam in the garden or in lawns.

George discusses ways to keep soil cool in hot summer days.